Dr Amit Nagpal – An Exceptional Storyteller

Dr Amit Nagpal - An exceptional storyteller

How Skills Of The Decade Will Determine Your Success In The Business World

“I inspire you through stories.You too inspire through stories. Let us create a chain of inspiration. Let us together make the world a shade better.”

Quoted by Dr Amit Nagpal who is a Personal Branding Expert, Digital Storyteller, Social Media Influencer and the author of Amazon Bestseller: ‘Personal Branding, Storytelling and Beyond’. An exceptional storyteller and presenter, his talks are very engaging to his listeners and inspiring to the world. He has a wide range of interests and knowledge, especially in gaining of large popularity mediums such as social media and online marketing.

Storytelling has been gaining worldwide demand in the digital world while social media began democratizing storytelling by standing umpteen chances for any individual who wanted to share his/her stories to the world around them. We have with us Dr Amit Nagpal whose unique skill lies in inspirational storytelling, anecdotes/storytelling on social and online media for brand building with more than 15 years of experience in training/coaching corporates.

The Beginning

I was ansubconscious storyteller during my childhood days and had penned down anecdotes of life experiences in my diary since those times as well.

After graduating in Economics, I have had enrolled for an MBA in Marketing being Branding and Storytelling always been fascinating me. After completing a few years in corporate communications, I switched onto teaching and taught brand management and services marketing for long-almost a decade. In the meanwhile of my PhD in media marketing, I presumed the power of digital and social media. Eventually I began my journey in digital and social media in 2010 by training and coaching clients in storytelling on social media.

I believe “Digital is Magical” because of the potential of virality. During the past decade, I have done training and consulting in storytelling on social media/ digital storytelling parallel with SMEs and corporate at the same time. Currently I am training the content creation team of a mobile app company in business storytelling and social media psychology is one of my favourite areas. I recently had got published my fourth book, “Heroes Amongst US”, a compilation of inspiring stories from six countries.

There have been moments of pride as well as moments when I have felt like giving up. I do still remember the pride my parents had, when they were invited along with me for an award function where I was felicitated with an ‘Outstanding GK Award’ by Jaycees Club during school.

Storytelling and communication has been the common thread throughout my career.

Source of Motivation

Jack Canfield is my role model. His book “Chicken soup for the Soul” inspired me and introduced to me the power of storytelling in moving people and transforming their lives. Those stories had proved that human beings are basically good by nature and that lesson has stayed with me ever since.

To achieve the best in our endeavours, we need self motivation as external motivation will not last forever. We need to take charge of our life stories and believe that the locus of control is inside us.

We write our destiny with our thoughts, word and deeds,yet beliefs shape our thoughts and they can be the most challenging part of any success story.

Overcoming Challenges

Due to my poor eyesight in my childhood, doctors advised me to drop my studies after class X, but I went on to even get a PhD. Taking obstacles and challenges and persevering against all the odds were the lessons I learnt at a very early stage of my life.

I faced several challenges since I began my entrepreneurial journey in 2011. It has been a roller coaster ride, thrilling at times and challenging at other.

Services we provide

At AL Services, we provide training and consulting services in digital storytelling/brand storytelling to SME’s, especially tech start-ups.

I work with the content/social media teams on creating story content, understanding social media audience psychology. I believe technology mechanizes and story humanizes.

Stories become all the more important for technology companies and thoughtful leaders. Human brain is wired for narrative and stories stay in our memory.

I have also done some innovative workshops such as ‘Finding your story’, ‘Aligning your personal story with organisation story’ and so on.

Industry Outlook: Advertising

Earlier advertising was outsourced by companies to ad agencies. But with the arrival of social media, most of the organisations had developed in-house social media teams. Stories are the signal in the noise of social media and technology companies have started to understand this reality.

Still the power of stories in building brands and bonds is unknown to so many people I come across.

Association With Brands

We have done assignments for some of the leading organisations including Accenture, GoMedii, ODpedia, Stroke and Neurovascular Interventions Foundation. Well Woman Clinic, BRICS chambers and so on.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create inspiring stories for clients and assist them in creating memorable stories for their brands.

The Upcoming Future

I want to be one of the leading voices of business storytelling/ people storytelling in India especially the digital world.

“From Marketer to Professor to Storyteller”, the six words tell my life story. I believe storytelling is actually omnipotent and can inspire, heal and build both brands and bonds.

We want to work for more tech start-ups and help them in using storytelling as a growth hacking tool. We are about to finalize an assignment with a leading MNC bank on the same.

We also launched our non-profit venture Bloggers Alliance this year and we want to establish its pan India presence in next three years and major cities of the globe thereafter.

Advice to emerging entrepreneurs

As Henry Ford says, “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals”. So if you stay focused on your goals, obstacles would not frighten you and in fact wouldn’t even matter much.

One of my favourite quotes (adapted from Swami Vivekananda) is “When you have to do a difficult task and it appears like a mountain, just break it into pieces or rocks. As you will soon reach the top and the peak will not look so scary and difficult to achieve”.

So, climb five steps everyday consistently and one fine day you will reach the mountain top.

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