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Ankur Goyal (IIT Delhi, Standford Business School alumnus | ex Nestle, PaperBoat),

Sheta Mittal (IIT Bombay, Harvard Business School alumnus | ex BCG, Future Group, NIKE).

The Beginning

When we started two years ago in Sep 2017, there was no women’s health company in India.

Every month women, 50% of the population, were going through complex hormonal changes that affected their period health, skin, hair, fitness and mental health, but there was no good health solution for women. There was lack of research and focus because it was a ‘women’s health’ topic.

So, in Sep 2017, we built &Me to solve for women’s unique health and nutrition needs, across menstrual health, beauty and fitness, through a combination of Ayurveda and Nutritional Science for a holistic solution.

We were category creators in India, limited research existed globally but we were passionate to solve the problem. So we took almost 1 year to meet women, truly understand the nuances of her needs and develop the product.

Fast-forward two years, we now have a product range that includes products for PCOS / PCOD management, Period care, UTI Relief, Skin care, and Weight Management. We have served 2L+ happy women and built a passionate community of 1L women.
And we have just begun.

Life mantra in One-word

Passionate with Perseverance

Source of Motivation

Making a dent in Women’s health and wellness space by solving for underserved needs that affects 50% of the world’s population!

We speak to 150 consumers everyday. When they candidly share their personal health experiences and share stories of how the product benefitted them motivates us to go through the day. Like one of our consumers told us “I was not getting regular periods for last 10 years, tried &Me drink daily for 20 days and got my periods!”

Overcoming Challenges

Creating the category through traditional channels wasn’t easy.

When we first launched the products offline, we saw mixed traction. Women were not expecting to find health products in the store and glancing past it. There was no Women’s Health section In the store.

We tried expanding stores, enhanced retail marketing and even sales team overhaul. Then in April 2019 we tried experimenting with Online and starting from our first ad post we have been growing the business 30-40% every month (Till the lockdown)!

Increased digital penetration and rise of wallets has helped drive ecommerce sales for us. When women see the ad on their phones, they get intrigued because the need is high; we get messages thanking us for our efforts and happy consumers who see benefits! They are happy to try because an alternate doesn’t exist.

Thanks to online, we were able to drive the category. Now, 30%+ of our sales come from Tier 3 and below cities!

Uniqueness in Product

&Me is fast establishing itself in the women’s health space. &Me is solving for women’s health needs across menstrual health, beauty and fitness.

Holistic Solution: We at &Me are uniquely combining two sciences for a holistic, solution from within, for women. We hinge on nutrition science of Vitamins and Minerals to provide the body the nourishment it needs, and combine it with Ayurvedic science of herbs to increase bioavailability of nutrients and establish balance from within.

Ingredients: Each of our products is packed with 20+ ingredients, a careful selection of Ayurvedic Super herbs, Vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables and active agents tailored for specific needs. Apart from solving functional needs, the product also supplies 30% of women’s daily micronutrient requirements.

Obsess innovation: Each of the ingredients is well researched and we work with experts to finalize the formulation. We then work on taste to ensure that even with No preservatives, no added sugar or artificial flavors or color, each of the product rates “Very Good” on mass sensory taste tests.

Clean: Also all our products are preservative free, with no added sugar, no artificial flavor / colors.

Portfolio: &Me’s current portfolio includes 5 Women’s health drinks, including India’s 1st range of Period drinks, which helps women during pre menstrual symptoms of cramps, bloating, & mood swings. The first ever PCOS/PCOD drink aimed at hormonal balance, a Beauty range focusing on healthy hair and skin from, a drink for recurring Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) for women, and a healthy weight management protein drink for women.

Furthering its committing to provide women with healthy period health solutions, &Me launched 1st ever sugar-free dark chocolates with herbs and micronutrients tailored for period comfort in October this year.

Also in Jan 2020, &Me expanded their PCOS offering to launch the world’s first ever fortified tea – PCOS green tea

Current industry scenario from your perspective.

Overall Health and wellness is one of the fastest growing consumer categories at +18% CAGR, with Indian women’s wellness space pegged at $18B in 2020.


In less than a year of product launch, we have grown to serve over 2L+ consumers and have an online engaged community of 1L+ followers! Our NPS scores are over 90%, within 3 months we rose to the Top 5 brand in Women’s Health category on Amazon and were featured as a top seller during Amazon Great India festival

Future Goals

We want to obsess women’s health, truly understand her needs and strive to provide her with innovative, convenient and healthy SOLUTIONS. We want to be her Go to health brand across menstrual health, beauty and fitness.

In the next 3 years, we are focused on driving digital growth on our own website and marketplaces, expand physical presence geographically in key cities that can serve as hub and spoke as we get closer to consumer and launch new products to continue our commitment to women’s health.

Team &Me

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